Freelancing for The Beauty Loft at LuxeBeautique

Time to time, I will take on a freelance project outside of work. I am pretty picky about taking on side projects – since my regular, full time design position at my ad tech firm is so busy, I have to be careful not to take on too many projects and overwhelm my schedule. My free time is precious to me, so when I do take on a freelance job – its usually for a company, person or brand I feel very passionate and inspired by! I want to share my most recent project with you.

Two months ago I popped into a local spa in my hometown of Swampscott, MA to have my lashes filled. (I have been getting extensions since December and have become somewhat addicted to them. They were supposed to be off by the New Year! Oops.) Because Newbury Street salons are SO expensive and a little impersonal, I decided to try LuxeBeautique in “the swamp.”

The Beauty Loft at LuxeBeautique is on the second floor, which provides clients with a full-view of the ocean – its gorgeous. The spa itself is so pretty; pristine white decor and bright pops of color that come from the many high end beauty products they sell within the salon.


I was ecstatic to have my lashes refilled for $75 (Newbury Street charges over $90) and enjoyed the experience (lemon infused water, snacks placed our for guests, coffee and tea.) After paying, I then made my move and essentially begged the salon manager to hire me to redesign the company website! And thats how I met the owner, Amy Brackman.


I just turned 28 and these skincare products are CALLING my name. Can I try them all?

For the past month and a half, I have been working with Amy to get the new LB website up and running! We added new photography to feature the salon design and decor, and also highlighted the spa’s collection of some of the best beauty products out there. Amy and her team are so passionate about delivering an incredible, healthy spa experience to each and every customer…you can tell how much her work and business matters to her.

Amy Brackman, Owner and Founder of the Beauty Loft at LuxeBeatique. I've had a lot of fun working for this fast-talkie', passionate business owner...shes also a riot!

Amy Brackman, Owner and Founder of the Beauty Loft at LuxeBeatique. I’ve had a lot of fun working for this fast-talkin’, passionate business owner…shes a riot and knows her industry inside and out!

The website isn’t complete – we launched V1 on Wednesday, but will be adding a future pages to feature Press (for instance, highlighting the owner’s work with the Patriots Cheerleaders, many various Best of Boston awards, and the fact that Massachusett’s first lady Lauren Baker is a regular client of the beauty loft.) We will also add a Team page to introduce clients to each of the estheticians and stylists. I also will be building out a special service list dedicated to Bridal.


Want to see the website? Check it out here! Or scroll for samples of various pages. I recommend taking a day trip to the North Shore to treat yourself to a spa service, blowout or even just a simple vegan manicure 🙂

Website Homepage, love me a pretty hero.

Website Homepage, love me a pretty hero.

Service Page with accordion dropdown menus.

Service Page with accordion dropdown menus.


Secret hint: I used SquareSpace to design this site, but did a ton of research on adding custom CSS to make this website look and feel exactly how we wanted! I am working on learning how to move the hero call to action button to a more prominent place through custom code. However, SS does a fantastic job at making their templates responsive, so that all the pages look perfect on mobile and tablet. Here is the lashes service page on mobile:

Lash Service Page

Lash Service Page

This website was a combo of SquareSpace, custom code, a whole lot of Adobe Photoshop and professional photography! Like what you see and want to learn more about the design process? Feel free to contact me directly through the Slow It Down Girl contact page.

Have a great weekend!



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