Taylor Tomasi Hill’s Eclectic Home

A few months ago, one of my favorite bloggers (Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere) posted about her style icon, Taylor Tomasi Hill. I was immediately drawn to Taylor’s style – they way she elegantly combined different clothing pieces and accessories into one, complete look. It also doesn’t hurt that the magazine editor is tall, thin and naturally beautiful! She could probably wear a paper bag and look stunning.

After reading Emily’s post, I googled “Taylor Tomasi Hill” and stumbled upon pictures of her NYC apartment. I was blown away by her bright, colorful home! It didn’t look uptight or incredibly expensive – but had more of a cool, eclectic vibe that I am SO drawn to.

Let your eyes feast on these photos!







You can tell that this home didn’t come together overnight. I would like to think it is a collection of old and new pieces – where each piece has a story and special meaning to the owner.

Inspired to add more beautiful color to my own living space, I put together a collection of decor that would add a nice pop of color to any home.


  1. Faux Peony (I have a pink rose version of this in my bedroom and LOVE it. It looks & feels real.)
  2. Pillow Shams
  3. Faux Taxidermy (Hanging in my living room – receive tons of compliments on this piece from visitors!)
  4. Industrial Pipe Shelf
  5. Matted Frames
  6. Clear Mini Vases
  7. Wallpaper I
  8. Framed Matted Print I
  9. Wallpaper II
  10. Framed Matted Print II
  11. Fiddle Fig Leaf (Would love a REAL version, but they require more sunlight than my condo naturally has.)
  12. White Chair
  13. Wooden Dining Table
  14. Bedding
  15. Area Rug

What do you think of this style of decor?


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