Secrets to keeping fresh-cut flowers alive and well for 2-4 weeks.

I love having fresh-cut flowers at home and have recently learned the best ways to do it on a budget. After attending 2 DIY flower arranging classes at Alice’s Table, and emailing their Events Director directly to get MORE information (thank you Emily!!) – I have put together a list of cut flowers that have the longest “cut life” as well as other tricks to keeping arrangements alive for as long as possible.

Below is a graphic I whipped up to illustrate the longest-lasting flowers. Some last up to a month!! Take a peek:

Flowers that Last 2-4 weeks

Most of these flowers you can find at your local Whole Foods or Trader Joes, depending on the season and availability! I learned at my flower arranging class that Whole Foods actually has wholesale pricing on most of their flowers (meaning they are very cheap compared to other flower or grocery stores!)

When I reached out to Emily (the Events Director for Alice’s Table), she let me know that with frequent water changes (every 2 days) and fresh cuts, arrangements will stay fresher, longer.

Here are some basic tips for you to keep in mind:

  •  Change the vase water out every 2-3 days
  • Keep arrangements out of sunlight (they no longer need sunlight after being cut) or else they will wilt
  • Keep away from extreme temps (hot and freezing temps)
  • Give the flowers a fresh cut every couple of days (one website I read recommended cutting stems under water to avoid exposing the cut to oxygen.)
  • Cut the stems at an angle (increasing the surface area of the stem = more water can be absorbed!)
  • Toss a copper penny into the vase (tip from Apartment Therapy!)
  • If you want to go above and beyond – put vase into the fridge at night. Preserves the flowers well. (However, I don’t see myself doing this unless I have an extra special event the following day.)
  • Dont fret if some flowers in your vase begin to die – toss those out and rearrange with the flowers that are thriving!

Any long-living flowers to add to the list? Any other tips and tricks? Please share below!



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