Delicious Iced Coffee Drinks For Less ($2.08 to be exact)

For the most part, I make my coffee or iced coffee at home using the pour over coffee method, but there are some days where I crave the rich flavor of espresso either straight up or in the form of an iced americano or iced latte. Having bought many an iced americano and iced latte at Starbucks I eventually came to realize that the common denominator in each drink was a double shot of espresso or dopio espresso, so from then on I have been “hacking” Starbucks whenever I am craving either of these beverages. Why? Cost! A double espresso will only set you back $2.08 (unless you are in an airport where the costs are a bit higher) while an iced americano or iced latte if often over $3.00. The Starbucks around the corner from my apartment in Beacon Hill doesn’t carry almond milk (my milk of choice) so on days where I am not jetting off to work I take my iced espresso to-go and assemble my iced americano or latte at home! Here’s how to do it:

Get yourself a dopio (double) espresso over ice.


To make an iced latte:

Add a cup of your milk of choice to your double espresso.





To make an iced americano:

Add a cup of water your double espresso.





Add a sweetener of your choice or drink without if that’s how you roll!





  1. Lauren February 8, 2016 / 5:24 pm

    Great pictures! I am obsessed with almond milk and have been adding non-sweetened chocolate almond milk to my hot coffee every morning this winter. No need for sugar even. Thanks for the tricks 🙂

  2. Bridget Rose February 9, 2016 / 5:56 pm

    So easy! This is perfect to impress company. Thanks!

  3. Jim February 28, 2016 / 4:36 am

    Why not fill a Thermos bottle with coffee, brewed or instant Maxwell House, at home and stuff it into your bag for work. You can enjoy the coffee of your choice throughout the day at a fraction of the Starbucks (and even the Dukin Donuts) cost!!! Jim from MetroMoby

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