Simon Pearce Flagship: Bar & Restaurant, Retail Boutique & Glassblowing

Last winter I watched the documentary The Crash Reel, which documents professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce’s infamous snowboarding accident, which resulted in his traumatic brain injury. The documentary films Kevin’s journey to recovery and also highlights his very supportive family life. Partway through the film, viewers are introduced to Kevin’s father, who is none other than the famous glass blower Simon Pearce.

Since seeing The Crash Reel, I have desperately wanted to go and see the Pearce’s Flagship store in Quechee, Vermont. Watching the movie, I fell a little bit in love with this family and their unique, creative lifestyle.

I finally made the trip to Quechee this past Sunday! It was a drizzly, gray day in Vermont and we stopped on our way home from Woodstock. The store was beautiful – larger than I had imagined, yet quieter (I think we just caught it on a good day – maybe people were home nursing Halloween night hangovers?)

Take a look at some of the original pieces:



Downstairs, local artisans are working hard to produce inventory for the Christmas shopping rush soon approaching. After watching the glassblowers for 20 minutes or so, we decided to hang out at the beautiful bar and enjoy some hard cider. The bartender (originally from Colombia) informed us that many of the glassblowers do not have any formal art school training. Simon prefers his employees to learn on the job. The bartender explained that it takes about 3 years for someone to learn the basics of glassblowing, and approximately 12 years to be considered a professional!!




Handblown glass fixtures above the bar

2015-11-01 12.03.51-1

Yup- those are hand blown glass taps! Only at Simon Pearce 🙂

Recently, my personal favorite blogger Erin Gates styled a Thanksgiving-inspired table at the Simon Pearce store located on Newbury Street in Boston. She recently posted some beautiful images on her blog of the tablescape she designed –take a look!


Although these pieces are totally out of my budget as a single girl in my mid twenties (I left empty handed), it in no way stopped me from appreciating the beauty of each piece and the experience of visiting the flagship store. If you are on a budget and would like to buy a keepsake, theres a section of the store called “seconds.” A second has a bubble or minor flaw that prevents Simon Pearce from selling at full price. Most of the flaws are undetectable to the eye and on sale for 25-50% less than the “perfect” version. Good to know, right?


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