Elements of Adventure

elements of adventure

If you have ever experienced a flight delay or cancellation then you are familiar with the feelings of panic, anger and loss of control. This past weekend my best friend and I were innocently en-route to Austin, Texas to visit with friends and to partake in dual Halloween and birthday celebrations when a second-leg flight cancellation from Houston to Austin triggered the feelings of panic and anger and almost pulled the plug on what we had expected to be a great weekend. Heavy rains and flash flooding in Austin resulted in the closure of the Austin airport along with a whole slew of flight delays to surrounding cities. Without much time to confront the problem, we narrowed our options and decided to weather the storm and drive from Houston to Austin via rental car alongside two newly found girlfriends. What ordinarily is a two and a half hour drive, became a six and a half hour drive that led us through the rural roads of Bastrop and Lockhart, Texas in avoidance of increasing road closures that heightened the barrier to entry into Austin. After driving several miles along a dirt road, passing an armadillo and almost hitting a wild boar, our frustration towards the situation was at an all time high. Sensing this frustration, one of our new friends and travel companions brought to light that our mis-adventure was still, at the root, an adventure that we could look back on and learn from. She went on to paraphrase the 5 elements that qualify an adventure that were originally written by Matt Walker, author of Adventure in Everything. These 5 elements of adventure have given me a new perspective on what qualifies as an adventure in life and proves that adventure isn’t exclusive to climbing to the peak of a mountain; adventure can be had in everyday life. I hope you will find the 5 elements of adventure as inspiring as I did!

5 Elements of Adventure

  1. Adventure is high endeavor
  2. Adventure is total commitment
  3. Adventure has an uncertain outcome
  4. Adventure is tolerance for adversity
  5. Adventure is great companionship

Click here to read more about Matt Walker’s 5 elements of adventure.

What unassuming adventures have you been on lately?




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