Weekending in Montauk, NY

If you drive into the Atlantic Ocean, you’ve gone too far…

Last weekend, I joined my sister and brother-in-law for a trip to Montauk, NY. Having never been to Montauk I jumped at the opportunity to visit the quintessential beach village despite the forecast for stormy weather. During the summer months, Montauk is a popular summer destination so I was excited to experience “the End” (as the locals call it) now that the crowds have died down. During the fall months, Main Street is quiet with few pedestrians and little traffic, but just step inside a local boutique like Share With or restaurant like South Edison and you will find that this is where the locals are hiding. While there are a handful of store-fronts that operate seasonally, most stores are open year-round – including Montauk’s Soul Cycle studio where they teach one class a day during the quiet seasons. Aside from the shops in Montauk, there are some seriously amazing cafés and restaurants, many of which offer healthy menu items (something I always appreciate).

The REAL appeal of Montauk is its abundance of history and natural beauty, especially if you are an ocean-lover. I use the word ocean-lover because when you look out past the coastline from the Montauk Lighthouse or from the water’s edge at Kirk Park Beach you aren’t looking out to a bay or inlet you are looking straight out into the Atlantic Ocean and can even see the RI coastline in the distance. Pretty cool, right?

All in all, I found Montauk to be the perfect weekend getaway spot that is totally worth the 6 hour drive from Boston (though, next time I will consider the ferry to shave off some time).

Do you have any fun weekend trips coming up?

Montauk Lighthouse

Montauk Lighthouse – the oldest lighthouse in NY State


left hand coffee

Left Hand Coffee – Click for address


local knit

Local Knit t-shirt and coffee shop – Click for address

View of the Atlantic from Kirk Park Beach, Montauk

View of the Atlantic Ocean from Kirk Park Beach, Montauk


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