Favorite Instagram Accounts

I don’t know about you but Instagram is hands down my favorite form of social media (sorry Pinterest). With a single swipe of your thumb you can catch a small glimpse into other people’s lives and find travel, fashion and lifestyle inspiration along with some serious laughs. Whether you are passionate about DIY projects, landscape photography, comedy or beauty, there really is something for everyone on Instagram. Today, I am sharing with you some of my favorite accounts. Check ’em out! What are your favorite Instagram accounts?

This account is run by the DC-based storefront Salt & Sundry and showcases artisan crafted home goods and accessories along with shots of cocktails, food, and travel destinations.
salt and sundry


This account is one of a kind in that it isn’t simply a collection of healthy food photos. Each post includes the corresponding recipe (with the exception of the humorous posts that go up every so often).
Feel Good Food


Do I even need to explain why this account is one of my favorites? I think the dogs speak for themselves.thedogist


This account is where the blogger behind Aviators & a Camera documents her travels around the globe. I absolutely love the snapshots she captures, though they sometimes leave me feeling like I need to quit my job, pack up my belongings and ship out for an international trip ASAP.Kirsten Alana


This account publishes some of the most often shared Instagram posts amongst my friends (and sisters) and me. I love how often these simple, humorous posts can induce hysterical laugher. [exhibit A: the “That’s Nice Honey” post below]
beige cardigan

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