On the Hunt for the Perfect Sectional Sofa

Last year I spent months scouring the internet for the perfect sofa. The previous owners had a MONSTROUS L shaped sectional that took up the entire first floor living space – and I was determined to choose a smaller, prettier couch that would allow me to fit my dining room table in the open space concept as well.

In the end, I decided on Pottery Barn’s York Slope (which is Pottery Barns version of a Restoration Hardware sofa.) Its very simple, pretty and the floor sample I tested was comfy! At the time, I was living alone and thought that a regular sofa (instead of a sectional) would be perfect for me.


York Slope Sofa

My York Slope! I love it – but its not the best lounging sofa.

Flash forward one year, and buying that custom-ordered sofa was my biggest mistake! Not only was the sofa expensive, but the down cushions arrived hard as rocks. After one year, it still hasn’t broken in very much. Although I love the look and design of the couch, its just not practical when I have friends over (can’t really fit more than 2 people comfortably on it) and forget snuggling up with anyone on it – its too narrow.

I have been thinking about either putting it into storage (would be perfect for a more formal living room when I have a larger space one day) or selling it on Craigslist. In the meantime, I have been researching other sofas that would be more practical for my informal tv/lounging area.  Here are my requirements:

  • Comfort: very comfy & good quality (non-pilling fabric!)
  • Spacious: can fit 3-4 people sitting, and 2 people laying down comfortably.
  • Delivery-friendly: fits through narrow stairwell and doorways for hassle free delivery
  • Fits my space: less than 106″ wide
  • Price: Company offers a payment plan, great discount or free financing.
  • Bonus: Local-Made in USA!

These are the sofas I like the most:

Room and Board Metro Sofa

Room & Board’s Metro Sofa with Chaise

Room & Board's Orson Sofa with Chaise

Room & Board’s Orson Sofa with Chaise

Interior Define's Kelly Sofa

Interior Define’s Kelly Sofa

Interior Define's Walter Sofa

Interior Define’s Walter Sofa

CB2 district 2-piece sectional sofa

CB2 district 2-piece sectional sofa (I tried this sofa in the NYC store and its SO comfy. 107″ wide though!)


Room & Board’s Easton Sofa with Chaise

IKEA's Kivik Sectional

IKEA’s Kivik Sectional with Chaise. So, normally I really shy away from IKEA furniture. I think the designs are low quality, mass produced overseas, trashed daily when people move – and therefore pretty bad for the environment. However, this sofa looks elegant and if it could last more than 5 years – I would considering purchasing it. Erin Gates just purchased this model for her remodeled basement and it looks nice! Anyone own this sofa? Thoughts?

After my experience with Pottery Barn (no offense to PB – their products are incredibly beautiful and made in USA- this sofa was just a poor choice for my lifestyle)…I have learned my lesson that usefulness trumps aesthetics!

I love the idea of Room and Board, and Interior Define – both companies produce within the USA, and offer customer reviews of their sofas on the website.  Room and Board has TONS of customer reviews with pictures, pros and cons lists, and everything. Its great!

Do you have a favorite affordable sectional? I am on the hunt and to be honest, they are sort of hard to come by without spending an arm and a leg.


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