12 Resolutions: Monthly Goals to Keep you on Track in 2016

2016 resolutions

I have been thinking a lot about new years resolutions but find myself continuing to get stuck on the idea of setting a resolution for an entire year. Quite frankly, I am a huge procrastinator and because of that I have found that I am not the best with keeping resolutions. To date, the only resolution I have ever kept is incorporating morning workouts into my routine (not every day, but on those days when I know I won’t be able to fit in a workout in the evening). My newfound theory (aka excuse) behind this is that annual resolutions, at least the ones I set out to keep, tend to be made with no short-term goals in mind and without accountability. Without short-term goals there is no way to measure how I am tracking against resolutions or to recognize incremental success.

Ironically, when it comes to my professional life I have no problem with setting and reaching goals. The goals I set in my professional life are often monthly goals that roll up to support a larger, year-long goal. In doing this I have found that knowing what is expected of me keeps me on track and leads me to success, one month at a time. Missing a monthy goal means that I will need to buckle down the next month and achieving beyond a monthly goal gives you a reason to celebrate!! Moving into 2016 I will be modeling my approach to my personal resolutions after the monthly goals approach I use in my professional life and will be setting 12 goals in 2016 – 1 for each month 🙂 obvi.

To start, my 1st goal of 2016 is to attend 2 fitness classes a week for the month of January that focus on strength training and to take inventory of and donate any clothing/accessories I no longer need or want. I’m hoping that my new strength training routine will stick for the year and that I will eventually be able to get through a Core Fusion class at Exhale without feeling like my arms are going to crumble beneath me when doing mountain climbers (seriously…they are the worst). As for donating any unneeded clothing and accessories – this is something I do several times a year and boy does it feel good to enter a new year or season feeling free of the items that clutter your closet and jewelry box!

What are your goals for 2016? What are your tips for staying on track?

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