Must-Have Travel Accessories

I love to travel and am lucky to have had the opportunity to travel internationally and domestically in both my work and personal life. After choosing a destination and booking reservations, packing is the third item on my list of priorities when it comes to travel. Packing also happens to be one of the items on my list that can be the most stressful. Depending on where you are traveling to and the length of your trip you likely need to pack different items for every trip you take, however there are some staples that you can rely on time and again that will never fail and will eliminate at least some of the packing guess-work and stress!

Travel Must-haves


Water bottle

TSA still regulates against bringing filled water bottles through security, but this doesn’t mean you can’t pack an empty water bottle in your carry-on. Most airports have water fountains available where you can fill up your own bottle and, if you are lucky, you may find filtered water (Logan Airport in Boston has UV filtered water fountain which is awesome!). Beyond the airport, I have found that it is nice to have a refillable water bottle when I am traveling, it not only saves money but saves me from running to a local convenience store for a bottle of water while I am out and about at my destination and is eco-friendly.

Travel-sized hair/body products

Packing travel-sized hair and body product pretty much goes without saying. There are so many great options for travel-sized shampoos and body washes – you can now find salon-worthy brands at stores like CVS, Sephora, and Ulta. If you prefer not to buy travel-sized items, I recommend investing a seriously tiny fortune in some reusable travel bottles and containers so that youc can efficiently pack up the products you already own for use during your travels.

Travel-sized beauty products

Unlike hair and body products, there aren’t any travel-sized beauty products on the market (that I know of) other than those made by Stowaway Cosmetics. The products that are made and sold by Stowaway Cosmetics are perfectly sized for travel and allow you to pack up your beauty must-haves in a small, compact way. I find this particularly useful as I prefer to pack my beauty products in my already packed purse or carry-on bag. To learn more about Stowaway Cosmetics, click here.

Blanket scarf

A big, comfy scarf is a must-have as it can be used to accessorize an outfit or to be used as a make-shift blanket while you travel. As a bonus, scarfs can easily be stashed away in a purse or carry-on without adding much bulk. Here is a great option from if you are seeking a travel-worthy scarf.

Audio book

A good friend of mine introduced me to the Audible app and since then I have been hooked. Audiobooks are great for listening to on airplanes, but are particularly perfect for road trips if you are someone who experiences motion sickness while reading in the car OR if you are driving on your own and don’t want to be distracted with flipping through music choices while you drive.

Battery pack

I am going to be completely honest here and admit that while I do own a portable battery pack, I often fail at either bringing it or charging it up before I depart. :/ With that said, I am working towards improving my consistency with packing my portable battery pack as it IS a huge life saver when you have one…especially if you find yourself draining your entire iPhone battery listening to an audiobook while on a long flight!


Do you have any travel must-haves that you recommend? If so, please share!




  1. Lindsay December 28, 2015 / 2:30 pm

    I always bring hand wipes, a couple healthy snacks (Think Thin Bars, trail mix), and earbuds to listen to music/watch a movie!

    Great post Liz.

  2. Kristin Bassett December 28, 2015 / 6:13 pm

    I always bring quality headphones and a facial oil (Fresh and Sunday Riley have ones I love) to use every hour or two to keep my skin hydrated in flight.

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