The Perfect [Homemade] Cup of Coffee

I happily admit that I drink a cup of coffee ~5 days a week despite the fact that coffee sometimes gets a bad rep. Depending on who you ask, coffee can either be a good-for-you or not so good-for-you beverage. Understandably so, some people prefer to steer clear of coffee due to negative side effects they experience like jitters, stomach aches or an undesirable crash after the caffeine has worn off while others steer clear simply because they don’t enjoy the flavor. Personally, I don’t experience any negative side effects from coffee – in fact, it offers me the perfect pick me up, lifting my energy and my mood (I swear, there is something about the aroma of coffee that makes me happy) and has become a part of my routine that I love.

Depending on the day, I either pick up coffee in the morning, brew coffee at home or pour myself a cup in the office. Recently I have been indulging myself in the latest coffee trend that is pourover coffee at local Boston spots like The Thinking Cup and the Wired Puppy and not so local spots like LeftHand Coffee in Montauk, NY and Shenandoah Joe’s in Charlottesville, VA and I’ve been inspired to start making my own at home. What’s great about the pourover coffee technique is that it isn’t reserved for specialty coffee shops and is a coffee trend you can get on board with without having to purchase an expensive brewing machine. After making a dozen or so cups of pourover coffee at home over the past couple weeks I am beginning to feel more confident in the technique and am enjoying making a single cup of coffee that not only tastes amazing, but costs less and is far less wasteful than the single-cup coffee machines that are on the market.

Pourover Coffee: In A Nutshell

Pourover coffee is one of the simplest techniques for preparing coffee and involves hand-pouring water over coffee grounds that are contained in a filter and coffee dripper to let the water slowly run through the grinds and drip down into your coffee mug or carafe.

making coffee


Pourover Coffee: How To (makes one 12 oz cup coffee)

One of the coolest things about the pourover technique is that you can easily customize each cup to your taste or to the tastes of whoever you are preparing a cup for! Here’s how I do it!

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.41.31 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.57.18 AM

*If you prefer very strong coffee or intend to drink as iced coffee (my fave), feel free to experiment with adding an extra tablespoon of coffee to your coffee filter.

**Coffee connoisseurs recommend grinding your own coffee beans slightly finer than what you would do when brewing coffee in a traditional coffee maker or what you would find pre-ground at your grocery store. Because I don’t have a coffee bean grinder I stick to what I can find in my local grocery store and it works just fine (for me at least!)




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