Home Decor Do’s for Elevating Your Space

Just like there are certain people who can wear anything and still look great, so too are there people who can make any space look put-together and appear photo-ready. My friend, Evelyn Smith, an Interior Designer in Austin, TX, is one of those people. Before moving into and decorating her current house with her husband, dog and two cats, Evelyn lived in several apartments in Austin all of which she decorated beautifully all while keeping in a budget in mind as well her interest in switching things up every now and again. Aside from the sheer fact that Evelyn is a certified interior designer who designs and decorates spaces for a living, I have wondered if there is a method to her decorating success. Whether she is hanging photos, installing shelving, laying down a throw rug or setting out flower arrangements in unexpected vessels, the spaces Evelyn creates always look put-together yet different from what you see when flipping through the latest West Elm catalogue.

I have always admired Evelyn’s design and décor style and her DIY approach to turning her space into a home that reflects her personal taste. Recently, I reached out to Evelyn to have her share some “do’s” for elevating your space that are attainable and don’t require you to refurnish or to break the bank. Here’s what Evelyn had to say!


Do Paint

While the single accent wall has become increasingly popular, they aren’t the right fit for every room. Personally, I am not a huge fan of accent walls because they more often than not make a space feel smaller. If you have the time and resources to paint a full room, I recommend doing it! If you are looking for a quick fix to elevate your space using paint experiment with refreshing a piece of furniture or frame(s) with a new coat of paint as it can make a huge impact on the look of your space.

An easy coat of mint green paint turns a tradition looking mirror into a mantle-worthy statement piece!

Do Accessorize (with what you already own)

I love to take the accessories, including art, shelves, frames, candles, smaller furniture etc. that I already own and move them around my house to different rooms or areas. For example, a large mirror that once lived in your bedroom can be repurposed to add interest to an office or hallway space in your home. It’s amazing how something as small as moving accessories and placing them in new, unexpected places can change the way a space looks.

Moose, the cat, acts like the perfect accessory in Evelyn’s home no matter where he sets foot.


Do Invest In A Statement Piece (or create one)

If you are looking to elevate your space without overhauling an entire room, I recommend that you buy one statement piece will catch your eye when you walk into the room or better yet, create a statement piece if you have it in you. A large mirror, boldly framed photo, piece of art or brightly colored rug are great pieces to invest in as they are a great way to exhibit your personal taste and make your space memorable to anyone who visits your home.

Tip: Make sure not to overdo it with statement pieces and to keep statement pieces surrounded by neutral so that you don’t create a space that looks/feels overwhelming.

Going bold and bright with a rug allows you to keep furniture like sofas and coffee tables neutral without dulling your space!


Do Freshen With Flowers

Adding small bouquets of flowers around the house can really make a space feel special and homey. There is little to no commitment with flowers as you can swap them out whenever you want and can change up your flowers (or plants) of choice depending on the season.

Tip: Get creative and display your flowers and/or plants in non-traditional ways using glass jars, apothecary bottles, silver cups, etc.

Vases of flowers and greenery instantly elevate any space they are placed!


  1. Dara December 11, 2015 / 7:42 pm

    OH I love the idea of moving around your accessories, ones that you already own! I think it’s really important to mix things! Thanks for sharing these tips! XO


  2. ~ carmen ~ December 11, 2015 / 9:16 pm

    Investing in a statement piece is a wonderful idea. Rather than buying a bunch of little things, the statement piece can speak for itself. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

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