4 Tips For Bridesmaids

4 tips for bridesmaids

I have gone back and forth on writing about this topic for some time now for a couple of reasons. The first being that there is no shortage of lists and tips on being the best bridesmaid ever floating around on the interwebs (thank you Buzzfeed and Elite Daily for covering this topic on the reg.) and the second being that I wasn’t so sure that my readers would find my tips to be valid. It wasn’t until a friend brought to light that my thoughts on being a bridesmaids aren’t too shabby and that given my experience being in five bridal parties (4x bridesmaid, 1x maid of honor) I could qualify as a subject matter expert or authority on the topic. With that extra bit of motivation and a boost in confidence, I bring to you my top 4 tips for being a great bridesmaid.


Offer to help the bride

Chances are the bride-to-be will struggle when it comes to picking the perfect wedding shoe, bridesmaid dress colors, flower arrangements or centerpieces. It is her first time getting married after all (at least in most cases for my friends). If you stumble upon a pair of wedding shoes or a flower arrangement while browsing Pinterest or Instagram that you think suites the bride’s taste – share it with her! Similarly, if you know that the bride is struggling to nail down a photographer or wedding band, share any recommendations you have or any recommendations that have been passed on to you by friends or co-workers. Unless the bride is a total bridezilla, she will appreciate the extra help!


Offer to help the maid of honor

Whether you lend an ear as a sounding board for bridal shower favors or offer to handle the booking of dinner reservations during the bachelorette party, it will be much appreciated by the maid of honor. If each bridesmaids chips in to help with one small task it not only helps to alleviate some of the pressure on the maid of honor but it also allows each bridesmaids to contribute towards the events leading up to the big day!

3Manage expectations from the start

If you have a budget in mind for a bridesmaid dress or don’t think you will be able to attend one of the events leading up o the wedding, speak up! It is likely that there are other members of the bridal party will be relieved that you don’t want to spend upwards of $300 for a bridesmaid dress and that the bride won’t de-friend you if you have a unavoidable conflict that prevents you from attending the bridal shower.

3Get to know your other bridesmaids

This tip may not apply to all, as there are some bridal parties that consist of a tightly knit group of friends. However, in my experience bridal parties are often a mix of the bride’s closest friends from over the years, family members and sometimes even a female family member of the groom. Take advantage of the events leading up to the wedding such as the bridal shower, bridesmaid dress shopping and bachelorette celebration to get to know any members of the bridal party that you may not have previously known. Chances are you will quickly become bridesmaid buddies; making the wedding day that much more fun for the bridal party and [of course] the bride herself!

Do you have any tips I’ve missed? If so, please send ’em my way!


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