Eco Initiatives at Follain


The soap station at Follain’s Beacon Hill storefront location.

About 8 months ago, I popped into Follain for the first time. Upon walking in, I instantly recognized the refillable glass soap bottles they have lined out throughout the store. The bottles are dark brown glass, with the ‘Follain” logo written in white script. I had spotted the bottles many times before in the restrooms of a few local Boston businesses (Recycle Studio! Sweetgreen Chestnut Hill! – Im talking about you guys.) Because I live and work close to the South End Follain location, I decided to purchase the $25 16oz bottle and begin “refilling” it for $8 every few months. Since purchasing, I have refilled it 4 times (the next will be on the house! Every 5th refill is free.)

The salesgirl explained to me that a lot of customers use the liquid soap as body wash, and not just hand soap. She also explained that because its made from all natural ingredients, its safe on sensitive skin. Apparently a lot of young moms come in for refills frequently, using the liquid soap on their babies and children.

I love the idea of households and businesses taking advantage of the refills, and here is why!:

It’s very eco friendly: It’s all about that reusable (not to mention pretty) glass bottle. Millions of plastic body wash and liquid soap bottles are trashed every year. By refilling a glass bottle, you’re cutting down on waste and reducing your carbon footprint.

It’s all natural: Ingredients include saponified organic oils of olive, coconut and jojoba, organic aloe vera, rosemary extract (preservative), and essential oils (for scent). Can’t get more simple than that!

It’s a local New England made product: Follain purchases the product in bulk from a company in Vermont. Although not all the ingredients are grown locally – Vermont Soap is serious about responsible sourcing.

I know its just liquid soap, but there is something about bringing your empty glass bottle into the store with you, trying all the new available scents, and refilling your bottles that feels SO NICE. Its soothing in a way, and you can feel good about choosing this product for all the reasons above. Plus, the store itself is so well designed, that just entering is a treat for the eyes.


Favorites include Lavender and Citrus.


Bright whites, greenery and wooden floors – this store has a great aesthetic.


Follain offers all different types of skincare products, along with makeup and haircare.

If you have a friend, family member or coworker that lives near the South End or Beacon Hill – the refillable soap bottle would make a great little gift.


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