Socializing on a Budget

Pay attention to #5 ladies. Guys enjoy a good wine night now and again too.

Pay attention to #5 ladies. Guys enjoy a good wine night now and again too.

I love spending time with my friends. However most often when I see them, we tend to be meeting up for cocktails after work or planning dinners at new, trendy restaurants around the city. Since I live in South Boston, I usually end up Ubering to and from our meetups – and all of that adds up to be a somewhat pricey evening of socializing.

Having recently purchased a condo last February, I am still in the process of furnishing it (which is OMG expensive – even when you’re refurbishing Craigslist finds.) My sister and I are also trying to visit Chile in February this year for a South American beach retreat. Ideally, I would like to put the money I spend on cocktails and dinners out towards my home and travel life, without becoming an isolated loner!

I brainstormed some of my best ways to socialize without breaking the bank:

1. Meetup for a walk or a day hike: Most recently, my office moved to the Financial District. I have been meeting friends after work to do the Harborwalk! It’s a healthy (and free alternative) to meeting up for drinks post work.  Boston also has several hiking trails that are accessible by T.  Check them out here.

2. Find happy hour deals: Unfortunately, Happy Hour is “illegal” in Boston. However, a lot of local restaurants and bars offer a discounted appetizer menu at certain hours. Here is a great breakdown of 2015 happy hour deals going on in town…check out the Boston Happy Hour List.

3. Meet for lunch instead of dinner: Sweetgreen, anyone?  The new Whole Foods in the South End is also quite the experience – you can honestly find anything your heart desires there.  They offer comfortable leather sofas and outdoor seating for their customers.

4. FROYO: city secret – This summer, FRESHI offered Frozen Yogurt Happy Hour from 3-5pm.  It might be worth finding out if this deal is being extended through September.

5. Host a wine night:  Be careful here. Hosting a get together can add up very quickly between purchasing liquor and food for your guests.  Instead, I recommend sticking to your favorite beer and wine, and choosing one or two appetizers to put out (Trader Joes has an excellent frozen app section in their stores.)  And P.S. – apparently guys like wine night too. Or at least my friend Derek does! Ladies – he’s available.

6. Utilize Gilt City: Because I adore going out to eat, its not something I want to give up entirely. Gilt City is a great way to try new local restaurants at a discounted price point.

Do you and your friends have any recommendations for socializing on a budget? Let’s add to the list!


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  1. Kristin Bassett September 4, 2015 / 6:42 pm

    I just did dinner at Sweetgreen for an inexpensive dinner date with a friend. Then after we headed to grab one drink each since our waistlines and wallets both felt fine! Great ideas 🙂

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